Nyx (kumori_no_mizu) wrote,

in case most of you haven't heard, Kyle and I are still friends, but no longer dating each other. We've also found others to love. His is lovely and mine...

Is amazing. I can't stay calm whenever I hear his voice. When I see him, my entire world becomes so much brighter. When I think about him, I get the biggest smile across my face. He's charming, handsome, charismatic, makes me laugh and I love everything about him

There's just one little problem.

He lives 1,400 miles away... in Canada (get your laughs out now)

If you're wondering how I met him, it was on RO. I first met him as a priestess while he played an assassin. We got to talking and eventually, he told me how to find him on Facebook and I gave him my AIM. We got to talking more personally and eventually I realized after kyle and I broke up... I could love this man. I told him and he told me the same thing. So we've talked on AIM, on RO and now on Skype (which makes me believe there is a God). I'm hoping we'll be able to see each other over the summer sometime, even if it's for a small amount of time. To be able to touch him, to kiss him... wow, I sound like a hopeless romantic.

In other news, School's done. I got a D in Theatre history, but at least I passed. Mythology, Storytelling and Guitar are an A and Biosci is at least a B (not official yet). I already signed up for next semester's classes too, so I'm good to go. and now

On to summer.... ^_^

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