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school sucks... i want spring break to happen

Eh... right now I wish that my Classical Mythology class was worth more than 2 credits so that I can drop theatre History and still be a full time student... That and i wish theatre history was not required for curriculum and storytelling was. >.<

Sorry bout that folks... i'm just a little stressed out because I've been missing a few classes, especially in Theatre History. I know it's a required class, but i've been extremely lazy and haven't really found the motivation to go... >.< Plus I've been forgetting that every weekend there's an online quiz that's only available for a limited time. *heavy sigh* i feel like I'm

Mythology is okay... I've been able to take notes fine, even though the lecturer is boring and goes really fast and I get distracted by AIM and the Maggot Show and other things the internet provides... and yet I'm still able to get 100% on all the quizzes...

Bio Sci... is a joke... I don't go to the lecture because the notes they provide give all the information they tell in lecture so i go to the lab... which suck balls because the TA is hardly understandable (he's Hmong or something. I don't blame him. it takes guts to teach to a foreign class. It's just I'd feel more at ease if it was an English speaking teacher who actually seems to know the material) So far nothing bad's happened, although i have no idea how I did on my test. I'm still trying to find out where I can find it >.<

Storytelling... finally a theatre class I can enjoy. I love the teacher and I actually don't mind going to the class. It's actually one of the high points of my day.

Guitar class... is going better than I thought... I've misses a couple classes, but that's because it's my earliest class (9:30) and I need to be motivated to get up... The class is nice, I just need to get the hang of a few things (for one thing, improving my manual dexterity so I can get to the chords quicker)

So school is... eh... I just need to get my priorities in order so I can actually survive the semester and not have my parents bitch about it at then end if I fail one class. They also say that this is the last semester that they'll actually pay for my tuition and housing so I guess that means I'm gonna be on my own... so finally my mom can stop bitching... I figure I'll become a part time student next year so I can work more and get more money... and so I don't have to worry about massive amounts of homework and studying... I'm sorry, but I don't think my brain would be able to take so much... it hurts my head enough already and I almost feel I'm ready to break down. Eh I'll feel better when I actually find the motivation to get things done around here.

On a lighter note, I almost burst out laughing because of the Maggot Show I was listening to during the review session on Greek Mythology. Once again, I blame the Canadian who introduced me to the Byeard Maggot.
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