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Artemis and turning 21

So me and the roomies and Lance have talked things over and we all decided that we are gonna keep Artemis. Kyle has completely fallen in love with this kitten and she has pretty much thought of him as her master, so instead of paying an extra +$300 to send her up to Canada, we're gonna spay her eventually and keep her (we figure after a few months of searching with no response that her owners don't want her anymore).Plus, Lance can't take her since his apartment now stopped allowing pets. PLus, I'm not gonna lie, I've fallen for her too...

she is a cutie.

Besides, she likes to pee on John's bed, but that's because she hates him.

but aside from that, I still can hardly believe that I'm almost 21. i'm thinking of celebrating twice, once for the people of age and another for the underage friends. Gena's also gonna send me a t-shirt that she had on her 21st (or rather one like it) that has different things I hafta do on my 21st. Hopefully I'll be able to take pics. I'm still working on who can come and who can't.

I'llhave more to update when I have details. Now it's late (I blame Lance) and I need to sleep...
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