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3 December 1987
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Um... boo? Okay, okay, i'll get serious.
First off, I'm in the process of writing a book. It's gonna be really sweet. A lot of people have read it already and they are begging me to finish it and quickly too. If you wanna check out what I have so far, lemme know. Oh, and please be honest about your opinion. No bullshitting your opinion becasue you feel sorry for my poor writing skills if I really have them.
I live in Wisconsin and it's the wierdest place to live (i still don't understand why they wear cheese on their heads to support a football team.)
I love to swim. I'm on the varsity team of my school's swim team and i'm a part of the Elmbrook Swim Club. I also LOVE to play video games. I know i'm a girl, but so what? i bet there are a few girls who like games like Soul Calibur II and Halo. and if there aren't, they don't know what they're missing.
So, that's me. (i haven't told u what my real name is, have I? well, it's... *tape recorder stops playing*)

"Are there any normal people left on Earth, or is everyone just back from Hell?"
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